Training Peaks workout doesn’t show up after update

My daily workout from Training Peaks always shows up at the top of the workout screen. But after the latest update I can’t find Training Peaks anywhere on the workout options. Any idea what gives?

Is TrainingPeaks still connected to Zwift? I ask because my connection went away around the time of the update and I had to redo it. Check if it’s still active on the connections page:

Sometimes there can be an issue with the validation between TrainingPeaks and Zwift, so even if it is still connected it would be a good idea to disconnect and reconnect them again to create a fresh connection. You also might want to try scrolling through your list to see if your TrainingPeaks Workouts category didn’t move down the list. The categories aren’t sorted as absolute as you might expect and it can sometimes show up at different places on the list depending on your device