Training peaks run workouts not loading

Hello, I’ve never seen my training peaks run workouts load on Zwift. Bike workouts load just fine. Any suggestions why?
Thank you!

A few things to troubleshoot…

  1. Do your workouts have a name in TrainingPeaks? Workouts must have a name to be imported.
  2. Zwift will only import the workout if it is set for that day, i.e. if you have a workout set for Sunday it won’t show up on Zwift until Sunday.
  3. Run workouts need to be speed based per Zwift Support

Does your workout that isn’t showing up meet all the above?

Hi - just finding this thread today. I’m new to running in Zwift and my TrainingPeaks workouts are not showing up either. They are titled and are based on % of Threshold Pace (so, speed-based).