Training Calendar plus Strava MTS

Would it be possible to publish a training calendar for the 12 week training plans so that we can pre-plan what is coming up.

and is it possible to to discuss with Strava to allow Zwift mileage to count against your MTS for the month. This would be added if you were just riding on a turbo using your Garmin. 


Many thanks G


an .ical file with the trainingplan data for calendar export would be nice :slight_smile:

Yes, some way to view the training plans without logging into the game would be great- that way I can plan the next day’s workout, even if I’m away from that computer.

I added a +1 on this issue. It’s super annoying, for these reasons:

  1. When i finish a ride and want to see what I’m doing tomorrow, the app quits and you have to restart the app AND relogin to the app (as login/password are not stored)
  2. You have to have an Ant+ dongle connected the computer to login to see the plan. This means that at work there’s no way for me to check. I leave my ant+ dongle connected to my USB extension cable at home. I think that you should be able to bypass the Ant+ requirement to at least see the workout schedules

Last thing I’ll throw in is it’s not that hard to provide a form or link to “see workout plans” and you can just see the plan online. Even if it doesn’t show you on the site your current progress, it would be better just to see what’s available. Only reason I can think they aren’t sharing is because the info is proprietary information to the company that did the plans and they don’t want it out on the web.


With that being said, dates and durations would be fine IMHO… just enough so I can check my workout tomorrow from the couch, literally, and not have to right now after hitting submit have to get up and plug in my computer to my ant+ to see what i’m doing in the morning. :slight_smile:


(BTW love zwift… it’s just a little beta-ish … as expected)




@michael Thanks!!!  Very helpful