Training Plans

Any chance of Training Plan alerts to happen any time soon? Like the reminders that happen when you sign up to a race or a group training session? Or even the ability to print a training plan off so I can keep track and know what I’ve got ahead?

Eg. The Olympic Tri Plan has swim days, running and obviously bike days. It would be great for a little alert to pop up reminding me what I had to achieve, even if it was just ‘You’ve got a swim tomrrow’ log in to Zwift mobile to find out details sorta thing. Just something motivating and useful! But then again, the ability to just be able to print off the entire plan may be just as easy!

Also, the ability within notifications on ios devices to tap on notifications eg. “xx and 3 other gave you a ride on”. To be able to tap on it, see who gave you a ride on without having to log on to Zwift on a PC?

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It would be cool if the Tri training plan could be exported to your calender app, when you open the event you are given a breakdown of the session.

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That would be ideal!