Trainer Upgrade

Im considering upgrading my unsupported magnetic trainer to the Cyclops Fluid2?

Do you think this will change much in my experience in Zwift.

I feel like im putting a fair bit of effort into my rides, and im going no where, lucky to be sitting at 200w

My last ride was 45 minutes, I did 16.4km with avg speed 21.5km/h which calculated the power to avg to 112

If i compare that to my garmin speed and cadence stats, i did 21.2km, avg speed of 27km/h (no idea what power)

You cannot compare your Zwift reading to to your Garmin. Your Garmin does not know about Zwift elevation changes and other factors.

I have the fluid 2 and very pleased. I find it feels very much the way I feel on the road. Despite it not controlling drag I feel it does. Since the software slows on hills, I feel the same distress on hills with the fluid2 as I do in a real ride.