Track number of weeks in a row that you've hit your goal

I like seeing the flash on the screen telling me that I’ve met my weekly goal. It’s motivating, even if no one else sees it. I’d be even more motivated to hit that weekly goal EVERY week if Zwift recorded how many CONSECUTIVE weeks I’d hit my goal, and then showed my that each week that I hit my goal. It would definitely make me use Zwift more than I do, and I already use it a fair amount.

Oh gosh… and the ability to disable it so I know I’m no the zwift addict I know I likely am!

But in all seriousness…
A climbing goal would be nice too.

(Or really any other general goals to set too like “complete X number of races this week, got X sprint/KOM jerseys this week”, etc.)

The goal setter seems like such an easy and simple thing, I’m surprised it hasn’t been expanded to even more simple features like altitude climbed per week.
I hate to call it low hanging fruit, but it really is… right there.

On a related note; is it bugged and only alerts you on a single goal each week as well?
I have a hourly and mileage based goal, but I swear I only ever see one goal banner each week when I do reach … whichever one. Never… both?

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