Track miles to the first decimal place on dashboard

I regularly ride for a particular duration (30 mins, an hour, 90 minutes, etc) and like to try to edge out a slightly longer distance than my previous ride at the particular distance. When I go to the dashboard I note that the distances I have covered are rounded to the nearest mile. That’s a bit of a shame when getting from, say, 20.3 to 20.4 miles would be hard earned and a big deal :slight_smile:

So, any chance the dashboard could avoid rounding to the nearest mile (I am aware I can check this on Strava but it seems like a quick fix that would be nice).


Agree - on the list to fix! 

Bump. Why isn’t this done yet? Seems obvious distance ought to be measured to the hundredth.

This has been completed for some time. We measure to the tenths, not the hundredths. 

Which is lame. We are all accustomed to real world devices measuring distance to the hundredths. (And speed to the tenth.) Why not keep it as real as possible?

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