Track miles to the first decimal place on dashboard

(Mark Williams) #1

I regularly ride for a particular duration (30 mins, an hour, 90 minutes, etc) and like to try to edge out a slightly longer distance than my previous ride at the particular distance. When I go to the dashboard I note that the distances I have covered are rounded to the nearest mile. That’s a bit of a shame when getting from, say, 20.3 to 20.4 miles would be hard earned and a big deal :slight_smile:

So, any chance the dashboard could avoid rounding to the nearest mile (I am aware I can check this on Strava but it seems like a quick fix that would be nice).


(Scott) #2

Agree - on the list to fix! 

(J Lee Wamble ZHR (E)) #3

Bump. Why isn’t this done yet? Seems obvious distance ought to be measured to the hundredth.

(Scott) #4

This has been completed for some time. We measure to the tenths, not the hundredths. 

(J Lee Wamble ZHR (E)) #5

Which is lame. We are all accustomed to real world devices measuring distance to the hundredths. (And speed to the tenth.) Why not keep it as real as possible?