ToW - Steering Enabled! and it's much better

Not sure how I missed this in earlier stages, but noticed steering is enabled in Stage 5. Used it and it’s great. I think Zwift has silently been making steering dynamics better over the past year. I read thru this one steering review of 2022’s TOW, and didn’t experience the negatives mentioned:

(add an h at the beginning of URL)

Side question: Is the only way to tell if steering is enabled for an event to go through Zwifthacks events?

that’s a neat trick. Do you think they may eventually add this to the Filter options menu as well though, or like ZH, show all tags that exist in the ride’s description?

Genuinely no idea I’m afraid.

I wouldn’t expect it currently but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen in the future.

It’s been good to use it in the ToW events… s bend curves have been a great way to make up time without any more effort.
Thanks Zwift