Tour for All crediting issue for riding events (May 4th)

Same here. A ride being reflected as a run. Went to to check and it doesn’t show a completed ride but a completed run too.

I am seeing my ride yesterday being credited as a run as well on the companion app. On the zwift app on the iPad I am not seeing any credit for completing stage 1.



@Wes I am in the similar situation. Did the 7.10pm B race. Shows in my activities as a ride with race results but no credit on the TFA Banner on Companion app, or Zwift itself.

Same here! My ride from noon yesterday still shows as a run!

Good morning everyone, we’re hoping to have retroactive credit in place for the events incorrectly tabulated yesterday.

You do not need to re-ride Stage 1 for credit unless you wish to ride it a second time for fun. :ride_on:


Some Think is wrong, i havent run on Zwift. But on the Companion app, Tour of All, stages 1 Run is don :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Yes, that has happened to me too. Run is ticked instead of ride


Yes, I rode stage 1 but run one is ticked in the companion app

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@Phil_Johnson2 @Nick_Fos.
As Wes said above this isn’t related to this update. They are working on it (actually fixed it and released or it’s waiting to be approved by Apple) Zwift Tour For All FAQ
They will be fixing it retroactively too.

There is a bug! I participated in the stage 1 bike race but the app shows a tick with the running stage. Needs to be fixed.

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It is a known issue, and will be retroactively fixed.


I did the a Tour a For All stage 1 early yesterday morning and it is not showing up on the Tour For All completion

I did the Tour for all A ride yesterday and it gave me credit for the run. Today I did the short run thinking that maybe I would get credit for the ride presuming it would be the reverse but nothing changed. I still only have credit for the run.

Hi Team-Zwift,

yesterday i did the Race, after 3:30min the time freezed - only the height was counting i think. After reaching the goal it said “Tank you…”

See the values in the activity of 04.05.2020
Distance 2.9km | Time 5m 01s | Elevation 102m | Calories 545cal
That cant be Real. Also there are Screenshots of the race.

Wolud be great if you can restore it

Matbe is a different topic but for me it didnt work. I was with the group and suddently everyone disapear. Then you are alone for a while and then again the list of people appear again. I tried to go with the next group of riders behind and once I was with the group again all riders disapear again. Eventually I quited…

That sounds a little like an internet connection problem. Can you put the saved fit file into Zwiftalizer to see what was going on?

Same here. Did A bike race, got run credit.

Will you be posting when you think this is fixed? Thanks in advance, my ride still shows as a run.

Same here!

When did you ride?

I rode yesterday and my ride was credited as a ride. So I assume it is fixed.

(Windows 10)

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