Tour Fever: Tour de France [July 2024]

Tour fever has hit Zwift and we are doing a full takeover for the Tour de France!

The Tour de France is one of the most prestigious annual men’s multi-stage races and we are bringing the excitement to our France and Paris Maps! We will be hosting three different types of events throughout the month of July:

  • Tour de France Climb Portal Challenge
  • Tour de France Monthly Mission
  • Vive la France zRacing Monthly Series

You will have the opportunity to unlock the Grand Depart Kit by completing either one climb on the Tour de France Climb Portal Challenge or the Tour de France Monthly Mission. By completing the Vive la France zRacing Monthly Series, you will unlock a unique series badge!

Looking to learn more about the events taking place on Zwift for Tour de France, you can check out the main page here or the FAQ here!

The promo email also mentions the “RoboPacers are moving to Paris and beyond this July and August.” Is there anywhere to find out routes and schedules?

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This looks really cool :ok_hand:t3: