Tour De Zwift Question

I’d like to ride the Tour De Zwift rides, but I cannot keep up with C riders, and the D classification for the Tour De Zwift is for women only. Is there a way old guys can ride the Tour De Zwift?
Thank you

A, B and C rides are not rider ability, they are different length routes.


Ah! Thank you Steve!


There is no time limit to complete a tour ride. Its about personal effort.

Just ride it how you feel, fast or slow. .

Fwiw I did stage 2 C ride and rolled around at 160-165w and still finished around 430 out of 1000+ riders. As of others have said, plenty of abilities so just give it a go!


There might be a cutoff of Feb 5th to finish your ride. But that’s like 0.01 w/kg to manage that :slight_smile:

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Thank you all! I’ll be jumping in!