Too fast!

Hi, I’ve just started on Zwift today. I’m not sure but I seem to be putting down 2000w every time I turn a pedal. I got Zwift glasses for going over 100kph.
Much as I’d love to be doing that, I know I’m not. Any ideas where I’m going wrong?
I’m using a elite supercrono smart b+ trainer with bluetooth connection
Any help would be brilliant.
Thanks in advance

Hi @Derek_McLelland, welcome to the forums.

Does this trainer have a resistance dial that you can change? I also don’t see it on the list of supported trainers:


I’m glad I only borrowed from a pal to try it. I doesn’t look like this one’s supported. Even if I turned it all the way up, I’d have nowhere to go to simulate hills. Back to trying to convince my wife I need a direct drive trainer.
Thanks for your help.


One more question, the list of compatible turbo trainers shows “Controls Resistance”. If this is ticked does that mean Zwift will make it harder going up hills? I’m just trying to see what type of trainer I need

Yes if it is marked as controls resistance then as you go up a hill it will add resistance and reduce as you go down the hill.

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