More newbie questions

 I’m new to biking, new to training, and new to Zwift.  There’s a lot that I don’t understand.

First, when I do one of the pre-programmed rides, (e.g., FTP trainer), is it supposed to be that I don’t feel any resistance when I go up graded “hills,” but that it shows on the screen that I’m going slower?  I’m doing the wattage (e.g., 65W), and it feels no different no matter what grade and what speed?  Is that the way it’s supposed to be?

Yesterday, it seemed like I had more resistance and I was way more tired at the end of the workout.  But nothing on the screen indicated that that should be the case. Was I just tired? Was I imaginign more resistance?  It certainly felt that way. 

My mileage is low because the screen says I’m only going 2 MPH up a 7% hill, even though I’m going 65W like it tells me to and it feels the same as when I’m going 15MPH on flat terrain.  

I don’t get it.

My bike tour set out a training schedule for me.  It’s supposed to be this:


April - Weeks 1 & 2

  • •    10-15 flat miles twice a week @ 60-70% intensity.
  • •    20-30 miles Sundays @ 70-75% intensity.
  • •    *Ltd - 10-15 miles twice a week @ 60% intensity.
  • •    *Ltd- 15-20 miles Sundays @ 70% intensity.
  • •    This is the month to start transitioning your training to mostly outdoors.
  • •    Ride a 15-25 mile route that is mostly flat to allow for endurance training at a steady pace.
  • •    One-two rest stops not more than 5-10 min. each.

The answers to your questions depend on the type of trainer you are using.


I have an old “dumb” trainer and the answers to all your questions on this type of trainer is yes.

The resistance will not change, you will not feel more resistance when going up a hill but your in game speed will decrease.

If you are using a “smart” trainer, then some of that will change.

As far as feeling more tired, if you are using a “dumb” trainer, (all my remarks are for “dumb” trainer because that’s all I know) the resistance may change if your trainer has adjustable resistance and it has moved.

The tension of the roller against the tire is also supposed to alter the resistance but I can’t say that I have noticed that much.

If your tire pressure has dropped a bit, the pressure against the roller will decrease and the resistance may decrease, I guess if you inflated your tire, it may increase the resistance.

You may have been tired.

Because Zwift is so easy and handy, it is easy to over do it and you will see a lot of comments reminding people to take rest days.

I have  a Wahoo trainer.  I thought that was a smart trainer.  I guess my question, then, should be directed at Wahoo.


In workout mode the trainer does not simulate the hills like in free ride mode. The ERG option will keep you at the required watt prescribed by the Training module you selected. If you don’t use the ERG option then you have to manually change the resistance/incline from the Zwift Connect app.

Some help can be found in the links below.

Welcome to Zwift.