Tips and set up for a beginner

Hi everybody,

I am very curious about this app. I am not used to cycle on road, since I don’t have much time. I mostly use my cyclette a few hours a week, so I see this as a nice upgrade. I am writing to ask some tips about what could be a good set up to start.

I have read a few articles and seen a few videos around but I still didn’t fully make up my mind.

The first thing which I think I understood is that I can’t use my cyclette, but I need a bicycle. That’s ok, but which one? Will it make any difference if I use a racing bike or a mountain bike? I thought that probably any bike with gears would do the trick.

Second thing about the trainer. I have seen a few articles and opinions. I thought that probably a cheap one which is at least adaptive would be the right one to start with. Does it make any sense? Any brand to suggest?

Any further tip, thoughts and experiences would be more than welcome.

Thank you!


Welcome to the forums! My 2 cents…The Wahoo ecosystem is really good, and they have a few different trainers at different price points. The KICKR Core is a pretty good bang for the buck. I have experience with the Saris H3 and it’s a solid choice too. Just be sure to get a cassette which matches whichever bike you choose, to put onto the trainer. Any local bike shop should be able to help you. As for the kind of bike, are you into longer rides, or shorter? Might want to invest in a road bike (maybe even used) if you plan on riding long. Getting a professional bike fit will help big time! But in the real world, if you like to bike off road, look for a gravel or mountain bike so you can take it out if/when you desire. Get what you like with your budget…any bike with gears will do!

If you haven’t already visited their YouTube channels, then search the following on the web for their awesome reviews of just about all the trainers available:

DC Rainmaker
GP Lama/Shane Miller

Again, just my 2 cents. Good luck and Ride On!

The only problem with a mountain bike is the generally have a lower gearing which means your theoretical max speed will be less (if you get strong/fit enough to get up there) which can affect you in races (you can find yourself spinning out).

If you buy a bike try to get at least 9 or 10 speed on the back as support for less will get harder to find.

I agree that any bike with gears will work but the gearing on a mountain maybe too low (easy). The worse thing about a mountain bike would be the noise from the knobby tires.