Thumbs up more than once

(AJ Jersey Queen) #1

How about been able to give people thumbs up more than once? If you can’t message them at least they could feel supported throughout the ride ? Zwift for life!

(j ustTim) #2

Seems like a good idea, why did people down vote?  What am I missing?

(AJ Jersey Queen) #3

Hi Tim, I don’t know??? Seems like people would like to have encouragement throughout the ride, at least I would :slight_smile:

(Jennifer Gholson) #4

I wish you could also make comments.  I had a friend doing FTP test and wanted to cheer her on when I could tell it was getting tough.  Maybe set an option where you could turn off this if you did not want to get them.  I personally would like to know when someone is pulling for me.