RTFM! Repeat questions and spam in this forum.

I’ve been privileged to be a part of Zwift since November; I put in about 3-4 rides a week as I live in wintery Canada and have enjoyed seeing the product progress over these months and am certain the final product will be a blazing success.
I “follow” the threads on this message forum in order to help answer technical questions where I can, and get tips from others.
With the influx of new beta testers recently, there have been a swell of new questions/comments come in.
Many of the comments are of this nature:

Subject: First Ride
Body: It was awesome!

While I’m sure the creators don’t mind the positive reinforcement, perhaps up-ticking a previous “It was awesome” comment could suffice? Or perhaps, dishing out the $10/mon when it goes Live will provide better feedback.

There are also a few common questions that are asked over and over again.
What is a powerup? How do I change my flag? How do I change my view? Message?

My initial reaction is to simply respond to each of these with, “try searching this forum before posting the exact same question!”
But that won’t prevent future new beta testers as they won’t have read my comment…

Solution: When submitting a request/comment, have the site check for possible matches.
Various sites already do this, scanning the contents of the input request and feeding it through an index of previous comments, finding top matching items, and recommending they read those before posting.

Similar to how Strava will ask you if you intend to duplicate a segment of if your new one is truly unique.

I don’t think Zendesk has a feature to recommend existing tickets. But I’m in complete agreement with you on wishing I could tell folks “SEARCH”. Haha, I was bad at lmgtfy.com at one point, I’ve calmed down since lol.


There’s also the Unofficial Zwift Manual: http://goo.gl/W8XeeX