There's something up with Robopacers

While riding alone with the A bot in watopia I’ve noticed on multiple occasions that there are specific spots where the robopacer suddenly speeds up. It’s as if the robopacer used an aero powerup. Right now on watopia’s wasteband there are spots where the A robopacer speeds up from 44kph to 47kph for no reason with no gradient change or players in front of the bot. I was even dropped at the descent into the ocean. I did a surge and held way above the bot’s w/kg (I’m 74.7kg, bot is 75) and gained no time.

I’m not the only one who has noticed this as well. Speaking to Nathan Guerra, he has noticed this too. I’ve also seen it on a live stream watching Caleb (ClickbaitRacing on cool guy)

Anyone know what’s up?

UPDATE merged with known issue, thank you!

Yup, there’s a known issue discussed here: Robo Pacer Draft Question - #143

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