The Most Accurate Resistance Level Setting for Minoura MagRide 60R for Zwift

Hi to all zwifters,

I am a new zwifter and I have a Minoura MagRide 60R trainer.
It has settings L 1 2 3 4 5 H.

which one should I use to be the most accurate?
When I choose this trainer in trainer selection in zwift, it has labelled “Use Setting Mid”. Do I have to use Resistance Level 3 for this trainer to use zwift? Just curious because based on my feeling, level 3 resistance is little bit harder than actual road cycling. my cadence will be low. But If i use Level L or 1, my power will be high. Is there any experience user of this trainer? Thanks in advanced for your help. Tq.

p/s: I dont have power meter or never know my actual power before this. I’m asking this question because i’m just concern about the estimated power in zwift.

Hi @Mohd_Asmirol welcome to Zwift forums.

We have a page where this information is given for trainers that Zwift has tested. However, the Magride 60R is not on this list, so we can’t give you a definitive answer.

There may be some trial and error to figure out a setting that provides a realistic speed and feel in the absence of a power meter.