Classic trainer minoura b-60r resistance

Hi Everyone, I am quite new to Zwift. I am doing Zwift for 3 weeks currently at level 10. I am using a classic trainee minoura b-60. I am using zpower but I will upgrade to power meter soon. there is a manual controllable resistance level in Minoura b-60 (other classic trainer too). Do I have to adjust the resistance level when the gradient is changing?

Hi Reynald—in a word, no. It looks like Zwift recommends setting the b60 resistance to L (and leaving it there). I’d assume that this is the setting where Zwift can calculate your virtual power most accurately, and the b60 isn’t intended/able to simulate gradient changes while riding.

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I am using a power meter. I think the L is for z power

So you did indeed upgrade to a PM. Nice. I still wouldn’t try to

adjust the resistance level when the gradient is changing

unless (for example) the resistance is so low on L that you can’t achieve enough power through the PM. But there are routes on Zwift (e.g. Titan’s grove or one of the climbs on the Richmond WC course) where the slope fluctuates so often that it would be a nightmare to try manually adjusting your trainer’s resistance to match the course.