The fence returns kind of?

I participated in a group ride last night for the first time in a while and was pleasantly surprised to see the fence is back, at least kind of. Which I thought was great. The group actually stayed together for the most part. The leader certainly seemed relieved. But somewhere along the line it appeared that riders going through the fence were not being zapped? Is that the new normal or will that functionality return also? Hope so. Otherwise it’s kind of toothless. Thanks.

HATE the fence! Have not missed it one bit. I hoped they would never bring it back.

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Hmmm… care to share your logic as well?



It sounds like the fence has a “no-kick” option for event organisers now.

Interesting, must be that social ride was “no zap”. My only logic was if I want to race I do a race, if I want to do a social group ride with a large group that sticks together than I do that.

Can someone confirm if there is a no kick vs kick mode beacons can set? Or does this have to be set when the series of group rides/events are being planned to be on the calendar? I’m leading next week and I’m anxious to find out!