Thank you Zwift !


Just a post to say Thank You Zwift !  The months I spent Zwifting this last winter have made a HUGE difference in my fitness level this spring.  When I would have been looking out the window at the Oregon rain for 5 months, I was riding up mountains on Zwift !  Thanks for a great training tool for those of us that live in a climate that makes it difficult to ride for months at a time !   Keep up the great work Zwift, you guys are the best !

(Benjamin Bishop) #2

Awesome, we are glad that Zwift helped with your fitness level this spring! 

(Andre Hufschmid) #3

Absolutely, this is what i love about Zwift. No matter what the outdoor conditions are,its always great to ride on Zwift.

(..Troy) #4

I totally agree.

Cheers Zwift.  

(Frank Auletti (D)) #5

the best app ever. hitting the rolling hills on Long Island in the big chain ring for the first time. can’t thank you enough.