"So long, and thanks for all... the Drops?"

The weather has finally broken, and although there will be some cold days ahead, it looks as if it is time to get out of the Box and hit the road on my bike. As I go, I would like to compliment the makers of Zwift for allowing me to complete my objective - get through the winter without a loss of muscle or motivation. Before Zwift, I would spend a couple of days a week in a cold outbuilding, hammering out some intervals that I found online. Staring at 2x4 studs was both boring and unmotivated. However, with Zwift, I was able to not only maintain my road-ready physique from last October, but I was actually able to increase my ride skills a bit and lose a few pounds in the process. Today, I hit the road and did 30 miles with 1900ft of climbing with absolutely no struggle - usually it would take three weeks of steady riding to build back up to that.

So thanks Zwift, and all of the fellow riders. See you in the Fall!

I have to agree with all of this. My first winter of Zwift has undoubtedly saved my sanity! It’s a great way to maintain all of the gains made over summer.

I shall probably keep my subscription going for the days when circumstances may not allow a longer outdoor effort. Thank you to all those at Zwift for making a great product.

Ride on!


I concur! I have only been zwifting since January, but it has kept my legs spinning, ready for this years mountain biking adventures!