Text on menus don't fit properly

Hello everyone,

I’m experiencing some problems with Zwift, I’m seeing that the buttons and text boxes do not adjust properly. In the route selection screen, the texts are superimposed on each other, while the text that is inserted inside the buttons comes out of it. When I’m pedaling and I enter the tools menu, the texts do not fit well and go out of the white box.

This happens to me both on a PC with windows 10 and on a Xaomi MI A1 with Android 10, also on Android I don’t see text on the orange buttons, that is, the orange boxes have no text.

How can I solve this problem?

Can we please have a picture?

Here you can find some pictures the issues that I am talking about.

From my PC (Windows 10)

From my Phone (Android 10)

Thanks in advance

Oh dear. That looks like poor handling of languages other than English. Is this how it normally looks in Spanish? I do hope not.


I don’t remember ever using it in English. Since June I have not used Zwift, now in winter, I have returned to it. Until June I had no problems with fitting the text. Maybe it could be related to an update.

I have recently changed the language of Zwift from Spanish to English. I have noticed that the text fitting problems have disappeared.

This leads me to think about how little interest Zwift has in making it display correctly in other languages. I find the work you have done here disappointing, not just with the Spanish language, I’m sure the same will happen with other languages.

This shows how little business vision it has, especially with the second most spoken language in the world, thus despising all Spanish speakers. From here I would like to call for a boycott of all Spanish speakers until this problem is not solved. For my part, this will be the last month I will pay while this is solved.