Testing new worlds spotted?

I logged onto the companion app earlier and spotted this

The world at the bottom being ridden by Eric Min is nameless? New world incoming? Maybe? Hopefully?

Well, if the news about Zwift hosting a virtual Tour de France is true we should be expecting at least two new roads. One based on Nice and the other on the Champs Elysees. And if the reported start date is correct the Nice one should be up and running by July 4th, only two weeks from now. All unconfirmed at the moment and we don’t even now if these new roads will be ready for public use by then.

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The guys on zwiftcast seem to think a new climb is coming too, they seem pretty certain that more than just the Nice and Champs roads will be released. They have inside Intel, so I’m hoping they are correct!


Pretty keen to get a new stretch of road somewhere… I’d even accept a velodrome at the moment.

France is pretty much confirmed, seeing as a load of assets called ‘France’ and ‘TDF’ got added in the last game update!