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Hi all

I have a Technogym Myrun which I use for Zwift group rides however, whenever I start a group ride, the time and KMs remain at zero on screen for several minutes before they start. This means that Zwift is not providing an accurate time and distance for the group ride. To be clear, when the run event starts, on the Zwift screen, at the top, the time and distance remains at zero for several mins.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Welcome to the Forums, Ian. Since no one else has replied to you yet, I have to ask: are you using a treadmill for group rides in Zwift?
I’ve checked your Companion activity and only see cycling for the last months, but from what I can tell, a Technogym MyRun is a running device. Maybe I’m confused. In which case, my apologies.

Yes sorry, I am causing the confusion. I am actually posting on behalf of my wife, who is the runner. She keeps complaining about this so this afternoon I watched as she started a group run on her Myrun (MHG Run Club) and when it started the time and distance on Zwift remained at zero for a good 2 or 3 mintes. Then is starts but starts from zero.

No worries. I’m hoping someone with experience in Zwift group runs (not me) will see your thread and reply, but in the meantime, this makes me think of an odd quirk of group rides by which the timer and distance don’t start until your avatar goes under the start arch, which can sometimes be a long way from where your avatar originates.

Here’s an example of someone doing a Zwift group run (well, race, but it’s the same thing for our purposes) on YouTube, where they present their 20-odd-second wait between the run start and their timer and distance starting:
(See from 2:10 onwards)

Of course, 20 seconds is a lot less than the two or three minutes your wife is experiencing! Hoping you get some resolution soon.

(@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ Would you mind changing the word ‘rides’ in the thread title to ‘runs’, to attract the eyes of running forumites? Perhaps move this thread to the running section? Thank you.)

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Hi Ian,

I would say it’s exactly as Roule explains. I do a weekly 5k group run on the Beach Loop, we run for a good while before the timer starts. Sometimes the blue bar at the top showing what the distance is for that group run will actually say “Lead-in” and shows where the timer is going to start. If I get some time later I’ll take a screenshot of this.

I would also suggest linking Strava to your Zwift profile so that you can see the detailed metrics… Which doesn’t take into account lead in times. It’s a great tool to measure your progress.


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Could this clip explain what you are seeing. A frustrating ‘feature’ for many.

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Thanks everyone, this is exactly what is happening. I actually stood next to my wife the other day as she started a group run and I could see that the time and distance doesn’t start until she runs under a banner. Some routes seem to have a longer run to the banner than others. She doesn’t like it because the time/distance on Zwift is different to her treadmill.

Oh well, it is what it is. Thank you for you help.