Taxc Neo 15w lower than my Assioma!

I refuse to compete under such circumstances. My ftp is already bad and need every WATT that I can find! Its a brutal difference!

Is there anything to do about it or just take the watt from the pedals instead?


It’s normal for a trainer to read a few Watts lower due to drivetrain losses between measurement points. 15W seems high though.

Do you have the single sided Assioma Uno or dual-side Duo? The former will tend to be less accurate. Regardless, I would suggest ensuring the pedals are properly installed and calibrated. Power meter pedals generally have a specific torque spec for installation, followed by doing a “zero-offset”, and there’s a calibration process for them. (refer to the owner’s manual - I think later versions of Assioma auto-calibrate)

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My Kinetic trainer with InRide was 15-20 watts below my Assioma pedals.
I think it was thermal issues because the two got closer the longer I rode.

I stopped using the InRide 3 because I want to be able to track indoor and outdoor seasons.

Tacx neo is a brutal trainer! :slight_smile: embrace it and use it to get stronger!

I used to train on computrainer then jumped to a neo, it was a big shock!

Ill probably chiose the assioma for watt and cadens and them the neo for the resistance…Doing races with 15-20watt handicap is to much…thats not fair haha!!!

But if the others are on a Neo then it’s all equal and you’ve lost that excuse. :joy:

I know haha…But i have also heard that some neo owners noticed that their neo all of a sudden after a while show less wattage after some years…

Zwift should have some certified trainer…but its hard to make all people to do the change…

I think you’re using the Unos aren’t you? so the neo might be more accurate - you might have a more powerful left leg or wonky L-R balance