Taking a summer break at 69 and lung challenged

I am a 69 year old Lung Cancer survivor with only 1.2 lungs left following bilobectomy surgery. I began Zwift during my rehabilitation, after a year on the roads where it was really hard at first. I rode many charitable rides to raise funds, initially for my firefighter colleagues then other charities, raising over £3,000. I rode 5,767 Zwift miles and climbed 243,678 feet in the process, during 489 sessions and a similar amount on the roads. I see little advantage in throwing cash awa when my rider type is not really catered for. Over the last 3+ years I continued to pay Zwift fees over the summer periods, as I dared not risk losing my hard-earned progress data and Tron bike. Eric Schlange convinced me that it was safe to take a break. In previous years when I paid continuously, I wasted 18 months or more of subscription fees. I like Zwift and would lke to see some changes, although it does what I need, even if not what all that I would like. The raining thumbs are a real pain! I will subscribe again after the summer, which I will spend mostly sailing with occasional rides on UK East Coast. It doesn’t help not having friends to ride with and have since cancelled my You Tube channel that was known as Dammers Rides Again. I will be 70 on my return in October.

Good on you Damian, I to have cancelled my subscription till the start of October at least,I mean we don’t get a lot of great weather here in UK, so might as well enjoy what we do get👍

Hi, enjoy your summer outdoors and we will see you again in winter :). Ps if you run Zwift on a PC or a Mac, supposedly there is a way to get rid of the raining thumbs (I haven’t tried it cause I kinda like the thumbs):

There was in older versions, it doesn’t seem to work on Windows 11 and new Zwift, Tnx anyway.