Tacx vortex t2180 Apple TV and swift

I have a Wattbike atom that is needing repaired. Wattbike won’t send a engineer out until the lockdown has ended in Scotland. I understand this and appreciate it might be a while until I get my Wattbike sorted.

Looked to buy the cheapest smart trainer I can to get me through.

Currently used swift on Apple TV 4K. Will the tacx vortex t2180 link straight to my tv as my Wattbike does and I’ll just Throw a old road bike on it with a training tyre?



Yup, the tacx vortex smart trainer puts out power and cadence in both BT and AMP+, so should pair seamlessly with your Apple TV using Bluetooth.

You could actually go even less expensive with a dumb trainer and a speed sensor. You won’t get the full Zwift experience because the trainer won’t be controlled by Zwift but you can still ride.

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