Tacx Vortex Smart trainer drafting isnt really working

Hi Zwift,

I have using Tacx Vortex Smart trainer and the trainer has updated to the latest firmware. When I drafting behind any riders, i didn’t feel the residence has change at all. is this a Trainer issue? 

As far as I can tell, drafting doesn’t affect the resistance you feel on the trainer yet. I’m on a KICKR. I suspect trainers may not be responsive enough to make this work well so it’s easier just to leave it out.

Hi. I am about to buy the Tacx Vortex Smart. Do you need to buy the upgrde kit as work to get ot to work with Zwift? Or do you just need an Ant+ dongle?

Where is the best place to buy a dongle?


No upgrade kit required. You just need to update the firmware from the Tacx Utility App using an iphone/ipad. This gives it the ANT+ FE-C capability the Zwift uses to control the resistance. Just add the ANT+ dongle to your PC.


I have the Tacx Genius Smart and I can’t feel any resistance change when drafting either.

Can we get some official from Zwift here please?