Tacx genius t2080 max wattage problem

(Tomas S) #1

I have several times seen that max wattage stops at exactly 874watt,even if i push harder it wont go any higher,also the wattage take time to rise,have heard that running seperate speed and cadense sensor will make it uppdate wattage faster.anyone have experance of this issues?


(Steven D) #2

Hi Tomas,

You can try to use a separate cadence sensor if you want better readings. Generally the cadence sensors that come with Smart Trainers are using estimated cadence, which is not necessarily your true cadence. Try pairing a different cadence sensor to the game and see if you prefer the results.


(Tomas S) #3

Ok,got me some garmin sensors,will try them out later,thanks

(Reint Kunst) #4

Hi Tomas - did they cadence fix your issue? 

I have the same issue at about 670 Watts. Outside I reach about 1200 watts in full sprint, in Zwift the max is 670 in a straight line…