Tacx Flux S v Elite Direto

I’m stuck between the two trainers above. I’ve seen the reviews from DC Rainmaker etc, and it looks like there’s not much in it. However the Direto is usually much more expensive and therefore sometimes loses out in reviews. So price is a key factor.

The Direto is currently on offer so the comparison is the Direto at £599, or the Flux at £549.

Which would you pick at those prices? Noise is important which leans me towards the Flux, but I’m a bit concerned about the limited resistance on climbs compared to the Direto.


Hi. I’ve got the Flux S and am happy with it. The only criticism I have is that it has a virtual cadence sensor which can sometimes give an obviously false readout, usually when quickly increasing to 110+ speeds when it suddenly drops to reading 40 and then very slowly climbs back up! It’s only a problem during workouts, I’ve never noticed it during normal riding. I guess if I could find out how it calculates cadence then I could mitigate it somehow.

Other than that it’s been great, though I should say it’s the only trainer I’ve ever had so I’ve got nothing to compare it to. I use it in my garage and have no worries about noise at 6am, and received no complaints either!

It came with a voucher for a month’s free Zwift too!

Hope that helps.