Tacx Booster + Power Meter - Wattage Limitation?

Hey there,

I just bought a Tacx Booster with a speed- and cadence sensor. Unfortunately, I figured out that there is a set limit to the wattage that can be produced in Zwift (400), as the default resistance setting is 2 with the Tacx Booster.

Now, I am thinking of buying a power meter (got a good offer) and use it with my setup. My question is now, if there is also a wattage cap, if I use a power meter? Or can I change the resistance on my trainer and increase the wattage (The Booster is capable of 1050 Wattage in theory).

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Hi @Jonas_M2

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Yes you can use a Power meter with that trainer, the whats will be limited by the amount of resistance the trainer can produce.

With a powermeter you can use any resistance setting on the trainer.

make sure the powermeter is compatible with your bike and with you zwift setup.

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Thanks Gerrie :slight_smile:

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