Tacx Black Track Support needed

Please make it possible to use Tacx Black Track. It’s so needed. :pray:t2:

Just for additional context:

The Tacx Black Track + Neo Track are “steering frames” that use ANT+



Video showing a steering frame in use:


I’m torn about this…

Originally I thought it would be cool too (as a Neo user) but now I am not so sure.  Zwift doesn’t let you choose your actual line on the road today, and while Zwift track more data per second than you think (dig into the Zwiftcast for that discussion), I believe it would be very demanding to actually let users input that steering data without things getting messy.  Especially in races.

So without that on-road positioning, all it would be good for is signalling left-right.  i.e. get in a turn zone, and then flick left or right to go that way (once you reach the corner).  But you don’t actually turn all that often in Zwift today and there are already solutions for deviating from the fixed routes (keyboard, app).  Also some of the roundabouts in London wouldn’t work so well with this flick left, flick right solution.

I’m not sure how many people actually own these… There is not a lot of information out there, other than perhaps on the Tacx TTS forum, and I have never heard a chorus of people screaming for it on Zwift.

I believe Neo Track lists for 200 euro and I assume Black Track is about the same, so apart from existing TTS users, I can’t see people getting one just to be able to signal left-right.

I suspect that Zwift would be more inclined to put development time into stuff like  the new batch of smart bikes coming out, and stuff like the Wahoo Climb.

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I think support for this would be great to make route choices as no everybody has their keyboard close by or really wants to use the Mobile Link.

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