Synchronization to runalyze

Would by very usefull

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This would be great!!

Please, add sync to runalize


Since Garmin now again does not synchronize third-party activities here again the request: Please either provide an API that we (Runalyze) can connect to or use our API.


C’mon zwift! We know you listen your zwifters and that one is easy

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Please, it’s long due to add runalyze to the list of supporters for automatic activity synchronization.

Thanks for all the support. Please do not forget to Vote (upper left box with numbers). Commenting is not enough but of course appreciated. Thank you all!

It would be really great! runalayze is such a nice tool.

Yes, please support Runalyze

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I can only highlight this. I think it would be the most convenient way for Zwift to offer an API allowing third partys to poll the data of your users without going over instable connections like Garmin.

+1 Very good idea. At the moment i need Strava to transfer my stuff by hand every time.

Please support Runalyze

Oh yes please!