Swift VR

Pleased to see there is some activity surrounding this, seems there is an alpha/beta version of Swift being developed/tested… I can tell you that this was the first thought of mine on my first ride. Swift dreams out for VR immersion. My God that’ll be a landscape (no pun intended) changer. I lead the technology group at my day job and I am all over the AR, VR, Bot movement. These are key tech shifts in our software vision as regards (e)commerce but here - in the Swift world to be able to immerse into the virtual ride - even first push versions, tethered versions, will explode this platform. You folks have an amazing opportunity here. Get those partnerships going with the hardware folks and keep pushing. Oh and yes, the goggles and dealing with sweat this’ll be key but it is doable… Good luck and I am sure there are a bunch of us out here that’ll jump into that fray when you ready.

Sounds horrible. All that sweat…

God no.
It’s a training platform not a shoot em up.

It’s a step too far in my opinion. I’m not sure riding for 2hrs with a VR headset on is good for your health