surface pro

I can connect to zwift from my iPhone but cant connect wahoo kicker to surface pro.  any hints on how to run through surface pro or iPhone to tv?   thanks 

More info on your setup would be helpful so we can give you better suggestions.

iPhone 5 and have wahoo app, Zwift app, and Zwift companion on it. I also have a surface pro 4 with Zwift on it but the other two apps won’t download to sp4. I was on Zwift this morning on my phone but would like a larger screen so seeing what my options are. I can not get the sp4 to find the wahoo kicker.

Are you trying to bridge the Bluetooth signal to the SP4 or do you have an ANT+ dongle in it?

The Wahoo app and the Zwift Companion App are not compatible with the SP4 and would not help you in getting it running on it either.