Support for any/generic smart trainer using ANT+ FE-C (indoor cycle trainer) protocol

(Edd Buggins) #1

Hello all,

I’m a keen cyclist and one of many people getting excited about Zwift. I’d love to be able to obtain a Kickr or simliar, but I’m never going to be able to afford one. I also much prefer the experience on rollers. For some reason there aren’t yet any smart rollers, although I expect they would have a similar price to the Kickr if they did exist.

Being a mechanical and electronics engineer, I intend to make my own device to add resistance, power and speed measurement to any of the sets of rollers that I’ll own over the rest of my cycling life. I have a full prototype design and ready to build, but before I do I want to check that I’ll be able to use with Zwift at all.

My question to the Zwift devs is once I have a device fully compliant with the ANT+ FE-C profile will it function with any of your existing hardware profiles, such as the Kickr? If not, would you be willing to add a generic FE-C compliant device to the setup in your software?

Also, do you just use send the basic resistance (%) value to the smart trainer or do you include any simulation parameters? Ideally, this would include bike speed from the simulation to allow full closed-loop speed control of the rollers.

I appreciate any way you can accommodate me.



(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Edd, there are actually at least two smart rollers out there, the Elite e-motion and the InsideRide e-motion rollers (which will soon have ANT+ capabilities).   If you’d like to make your own rollers then you’ll be happy to know that the FE-C standard is supported by Zwift and should just work.  Sounds like a fun project and I’d be interested to hear how it goes.