Super long rides 440KM +

I always have a look at the longest riders on the platform - and Chapeau to these individuals…

So far…
D Diesel 395km 10hr 39m
C. Cadence. 432km 10hrs .38m
B. Brevet 444km 265 Watts 10hrs 39m

Amazing stuff… #rideon!

It’s a shame we cannot follow as each account is private and share a similar avatar picture.

You know those are the pace partner bots right, not real people?

Welcome to the forums!


Those are Pace Bots, not real people.


Welcome to the forum @Philip_Hesketh

For more information about the pace partners see: All About Zwift Robopacers (Formerly Known as Pace Partners) | Zwift Insider


No I didn’t know that - what’s their function as I have never seen them when I have been zwifting around?

Thanks Gerrie, hence the name and image. I wish I had their staying power #rouleur


I have seen them riding around, usually there is a big group of real people riding with them. I think their purpose is to have some riders you can always join. Their names (a to D) correspond with race categories. A is the hardest (+4W/kg, lots of steep climbs), D is the easiest (1-2,4Wkg, easy terrain). You can join them like you can join fellow Zwifters.