Super beneficial but Motivational Feature Requests

[[Virtual coach that has verbal ability.]]

Can you please consider to add voice feature on Zwift?
I basically want to create a virtual coach that has verbal ability.
Regarding the options of the voice,

  1. It can be a computer voice, however nowadays - you can not distinguish whether it is computer voice or human voice as it is quite well developed recently.
  2. Recorded Voice of normal human, or the creator of the actual Exercise program.

*** I do believe it could open up many possibilities for the Zwift community,

Especially for

  1. Anyone who want to listen the voice and see the screen for better motivation.
  2. Anyone who prefer listen the voice (and reading books) instead of watching the screen continuously.
  3. Anyone who needs better motivation and want to listen the real voice of the legend who create the riding program.
    3-1) however, step 1 - TTS (Text To speech),
    step 2 - recorded normal human voice if TTS receive positive feedback ,
    step 3 - real voice of the legend.


1). If this feature require more payment, I am willing to pay a lot of money monthly - maximum $0.5 per month. :yum: - I hope NO extra cost for the membership.
2). From my understanding, this feature will create more revenue the Zwift company, and SO, Hope Zwift would reduce the monthly membership price at least 30 - e.g. $5- $18 per month. :heart_eyes:
3). Other reference about new revenue source by adding the Audio feature on Text, Amazon’s Audible - Audiobook publishing generated extra “$1.6 billion” as of 2021 - it is the additional income to Amazon from the old TEXT only book Kindle. :slight_smile:

4). I replaced the screenshot from the previous request - ZWIFT forums does not allow me to change the screenshots.
5). I was trying to update the previous post however. - I was unable to update the screenshot of the previous suggestion so I had to create the new subject
6). Previous screenshot was quite low quality so I think that it is better to update - clear screenshots for improved communication.

[[Evidence about motivation to Brain from human or computer Voice]]

How does Voice affect the human brain?
From its ability to evoke deep emotional responses to its role in memory and learning, Voice has a profound influence on our psychological well-being and cognitive functioning. Exploring this relationship further can provide valuable insights into how we can harness the power of Voice to enhance our lives

Thank you.

Brain speech

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