Has anyone else noticed that whether or not your avatar is wearing sunglasses makes no difference on the first person view?

Doesn’t that seem odd?

You, Sir, have waaaaaaayyyyy too much time on your hands!


Ngl, I had not thought of that but it would be kinda cool if tinted shades had a minor effect on the screen. (maybe a setting to disable the effect, similar to “Workout Pain Effect”)

I like wearing amber or yellow tinted shade “irl” for added contrast/reduced glare.

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Yeah just wear sun glasses inside. It’ll make a difference on the screen and everywhere else.

Maybe use red? :joy:


I’m just kidding though. c:

Having the screen tinted with whatever glasses you have on would be amazingly amazing.
Smart idea.

@Jim_Mattson is not riding hard enough…:slight_smile:

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It’d cost a fortune in broken glasses.

Ever gone that deep that you start thinking irrational and everything irritates you, glasses thrown away as they’re weighing you down etc…

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True-…very true :thinking: :rofl: and yes i have lmfao

During the rainy rides, you’d be seeing blurry and droplets all over the screen?

I think they would actually then need to add a hotkey to put your glasses in your helmet/on your head. :wink:

The raindrops would get pretty annoying tbh. Ride in a place that doesn’t rain. If there is one? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I don’t know lol

Edit: What Jim said! :wink:

It never rains in France, in the desert, or in the jungle, as far as I know.

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