Streaks Keep Resetting

I ride a minimum three times a week. I will get a two week streak & then it resets back to week one.
Anyone else experiencing the same glitch??

Hi @Bob_Garnett1,
Martha from Zwift support is here. Thanks for your question. I’m glad to give you some information.
Ride streaks start counting a new week from 00:00 Monday through 23.59 on Sunday, local time, as defined on the device you’re using to run Zwift. For full details please, review the “Ride Streaks FAQ” at Zwift Support Hub.

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He rides a minimum of 3 times a week, streak should never reset to week one.

Hi Martha,
I know when the streak period starts and finishes. That doesn’t explain why mine resets after two weeks.
I have installed all updates?

My streak did a reset once. The saved rides clearly show that I did a ride 3+ days a week.

Will that be fixed and if so, will there be a roll-up?