Streak and XP Leveling Adjustments [April 2024]

Why easy, if you can do it the hard way as well :joy:

I was visiting my mother in another state when I did that, to keep the streak going, and to see if it would work.

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I just saw that!


To be honest, I have a speed sensor on my MTB to improve distance accuracy when riding under trees.
I just pair that sensor and select my old trainer and ride to the trail head then close.
I tend to chose a flat Zwift route because I only live 1.2 miles from the trail head.
The displayed speed power and distance seems ballpark close.
The distance on Zwift is affected by any Zwift hills.
I don’t have a power meter on my MTB.

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Level 100 then back to level 99. WTF?

Looks like the changes were implemented in 1.69 with no mention in the release notes, even Eric wasn’t aware.


Absolutely idiotic to do something this big and not even mention it in the notes


I don’t think this was a change in 1.69. This seems to have been a change in the server-side configuration for levelling.

I’m used to filling the Level 100 bar about once every 0.78 weeks based on XP.

My second most recent fill was on last Thursday afternoon on ZwiftApp version 1.68 when at the end of that event I had just short of 12,000 XP needed for my next reward:

My most recent fill was yesterday, Wednesday morning, still on ZwiftApp 1.68 (on that system, my client didn’t update until today, Thursday), when I needed just short of 20,000 XP for my next reward:

That was my 25th level 100 bar fill for 50,000 drops I don’t need… but it was fun to celebrate it in jest each time. Now it’s going to take me about 1.5 weeks instead of 0.78.

I have empathy for those where this bar moved without disclosure that this was going to happen as a server-side adjustment.


@shooj , could you provide some clarification here? Has the leveling/scoring/XP formula changed? And if so, how?


XP required to level up will continue to increase until morale improves around here…


Hi, I expected needing 6500 to get from level 57 to 58, but zwift shows I need 8000 (incl. 20 % discount). Did I miss something? Regards Dirk

According to Zwift Insider they’ve made changes to XP level requirements but didn’t tell anyone…guess they hoped people wouldn’t notice :man_shrugging:


These are the changes in “economy config” for a level 1 trial account

Also the XP for each “cycle” after one reaches level 100 increased from 12000 to 20000.


Why is Zwift quiet on this?


Weird that it would be silently implemented after they called off making the change due to user feedback. I don’t mind since I kind of like not being level 100 and this will push that down the road a bit but plenty will be annoyed. @shooj any insight to share?


Maybe they are still trying to understand the explanation.


Why has nobody from Zwift commented on this? If you are going to implement something that isn’t popular with a lot of users at least explain it. I thought Zwift were listening to their users?


I think zwift have made a mistake, but zwift don’t make mistakes and admitting to doing so would be a sign of weakness. Or something like that.


Level 85 with 918k exp. Was supposed to be accelerated to level 97.
Logged in today, no more xp acceleration.
Implementing the change without communication: Zwift, really???
I don’t really care about price increases, but lack of clear and honest communication is really something that makes me consider other options.


Same. Back in December I was being accelerated to 99 (although at the time I had enough XP for level 84).

Today I’m apparently not being accelerated at all:

My Zwift level is 58, which started at 210,500 XP in the December update (290,000 now).

But I’m confused about how it works.

I’m on “level 58”, which used to start at 210,000XP. That left 270,000 of “banked” XP.

Now “level 58” starts at 290,000 XP.

So does that mean Zwift have taken 80,000 of my earnt XP and I have 190,000 banked? Because if that’s what happened, I don’t think I benefited from any acceleration/discount there.

I presume there is still some acceleration, because if not Zwift have effectively taken 190-270k XP away from me that I can’t even claw back.