Straw poll time! Dedicated zwift bike or swap in road bike

Hi all, I want to tap into my Zwift community to help my son with a school project he’s doing on cycling trends - specifically on bike ownership.

  1. Do you have a dedicated bike you use just for your smart trainer, or do you swap in and out your regular road bike?

  2. If you have a dedicated bike just for your trainer, do you:
    a. use a spare bike you already had?
    b. use a second hand bike you bought just for the trainer?
    c. use a new bike you bought just for the trainer?

Many thanks

FYI you can make a poll

  • Do you use a dedicated bike for Zwift
  • Do you use your bike for Zwift and outdoor rides?

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thanks Mike…useful to know

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Initially I put my gravel bike on the trainer, and took it off when I wanted to ride outside. I was finding it a pain to swap it in and out (would take a bit too much time to get the wheel on and off each day), so I ended up buying a new road bike, and keeping my gravel bike on the trainer full time.

As with all things I solved my problems by buying another bike. I think that’s how most problems are supposed to be solved correct?

  1. Dedicated bike
  2. a.Spare bike since I have a wheel on trainer. If I had a direct drive trainer I’d use my regular road bike instead.

Dedicated bike. I started with a very cheap steel bike with downtube shifters. Currently an old Giant OCR with 105

2017: Zwift setup after the move.

I answered that I use my road bike for my trainer bike, even though my road bike has not left the trainer since before the pandemic began. Almost all of my riding is gravel riding anymore, but if I were to do road riding…at a pace where my gravel rigs wouldn’t be ideal…then I’d take my roadie off the trainer :slight_smile:

So my poll choice B is sort of B with a wink.

As of ~October last year…

  1. Dedicated bike
  2. c. - Kickr Bike (the bike is also the trainer :stuck_out_tongue:)

Before that I used my regular road bike on a smart trainer.

Dedicated bike. It was my old outdoor winter bike, now pressed into service permanently for Zwift. No faffing about mounting and dismounting and far less cleaning required.

I have two additional outdoor (summer) bikes and an MTB.

  1. dedicated bike, and
  2. it’s a spare bike we already had around

Dedicated bike.

It was my old steel road bike, but about 5 years ago I got a new commuter and put the old Tricross on the trainer.

I’m hoping to buy a new road bike this year, at which point my current road bike will go on the trainer.

Dedicated bike (kickr bike)

Thanks everyone