Strava segment connected leaderboards for Events

Each map has it’s standard set of segments. KOM, sprint, course, etc.

Event leaders would love to have the ability to designate segments for the group event. For example, i lead the SMITE event on saturdays at 9am EST. I use between 4-5 strava segments to structure the intervals. As added motivation, and to help with coordination, it would be great if i could load them up through and admin interface prior to the event.

This way i don’t have to type instructions ( a lot!) for every segment of every event.

  • The leaderboard would come up a few 100 meters before the official start.

  • Your place during the interval would be tracked

  • Your final position and time would be captured at the end

  • Like an FPS leaderboard, you can have kudos for things like

  1. fastest speed

  2. highest power

  3. highest heart rate

  4. wheelsucker

  5. draft king