Strava not uploaded this morning

(Erwin Meijboom (D)) #1

 Hi, This morning Strava is not getting uploaded automatically. Although I just started using Zwift, the few rides I did were pretty much immediately visible in Strava.

(sergio taggio) #2

mine has not uploaded to strava too

(Morten Nasvik) #3

same here

(Massimo Boscariol) #4

same here

(Morten Nasvik) #5

If you log on to your account at You can download the file for the ride missing on Strava and then manually upload it to Strava. (just click in the + icon, top right on strava / upload Activity / upload the zwift file)

(Ken Krüger) #6

Same problem with me today.

(Pablo Ramirez Team Mijos) #7

Same problem here. It was my first Zwift ride and did not get uploaded.

(Douglas Young) #8

Same this evening. Just did my FTP test and it hasn’t uploaded to strava.

(Erwin Meijboom (D)) #9

I did the manual upload to Strava, which worked ok. But best segment times show as 2nd best times. It looks like the auto upload does happen, but is not visible on the strava dashboard. I think it is an issue with strava and i raised a ticket. 

(Douglas Young) #10

just did a manual upload and that worked but its also not linking with MFP. So i’m guessing its something strava’s end even though says its all up.

(Uri Benchetrit) #11

Same here last night (November 21, 2016). Two days ago, the ride was uploaded smoothly to Strava. Last night, after waiting for couple of hours, I had to upload the FIT file manually to Strava.