Strava end-of-year video FAIL

(. Kai K. TeamODZ (A)) #1

The cool personalized end-of-year video from Strava does not include Zwift miles or climbing :frowning:

(Stuart Davis) #2

Of course not! You stayed put in your house/garage and didn’t budge one inch!

(Jon Mayfield) #3

Write in to Strava if you think it should be otherwise. They’ve made the decision that trainer miles do not count towards most of their things.  I’m sure they’d be up for at least giving people the option for stuff like the video.

(Justin Lash) #4

I sent an email to strava for this. My miles on my trainer using a wahoo kicker are way more taxing then riding outside. Outside i can coast and take breaks, the wahoo with zwift i have to continue to pedal or my guy stops. These miles should count also cause they are earned through sweat. 

(A Stewart) #5

Amen. What more can I say? It is routine to hear from riders that they ride harder on Zwift than outdoors. Ah, it is their loss. Zwift gets my vote over Strava.

(Joe Puetz) #6