Strava and Zwift

How do I unlock the two month zwift bonus with Strava?

Hi Francois,

You simply need to connect your Strava account through your profile. Log In to your dashboard, click “Edit Profile” and then click “Connections”. You’ll see the option to connect your account. If you’re already connected and haven’t previously received the promo, disconnect it and try it again to make it trigger the promo to be redeemed on your account. 


I am having the same problem as Francois.  I did what Nick suggested, even logged out and waited a minute after disconnecting Strava before logging back in and reconnecting Strava.  Same problem, when I login the banner says my trial has expired and there’s no offer to redeem for this promo (same is true whether logging in to the website or app).


Do I need Strava premium for making zwift and Strava to sync?

Had the same issue as the guys before.

Mark - The additional bonus mentioned in the email was not due to start until November. So between November and December 31st is when you were able to use the bonus. You can still log in for free right now and start riding though!


Stig - You do not need Strava Premium in order for your rides on Zwift to be uploaded to Strava. You only need to be sure that your account is connected on the Connections page of your profile. Be sure that you have the right account, as many members find that they’ve accidentally created and logged into other accounts. Although it’s related to Strava, it’s not quite the same issue as the other guys in this thread.