Still 4-6 second delay on Bkool Pro?

Im new here and iv checked the old posts about this issue. Is there a solution to this problem, because i would realy love to stick around on zwift. I think this is a major issue … just useless for racing…

It’s similar for me on my Tacx Vortex.

I don’t think there’s a solution - if there is I’d love to hear about it too.

For racing though, the knack to to work with the game to work around the delay. If someone burns past you, you’ve already missed your opportunity. So then it becomes more about anticipation and watching the display.

e.g. if you know you’re coming up to a hill, start spinning up before you hit it.

Start sprinting 4 seconds before you think you need to (I’ve noticed this on my trainer - I can be out of the saddle and pushing out 700W and it’ll take a good few seconds before my avatar responds).

Watch the indicators of riders behind (the name plates at the bottom of the screen). If the metres are dropping quickly, someone’s about to pass you. Watch the riders nearby list; if someone behind you suddenly lights up at 8W/kg, you have a bit of warning to respond before they fly past.

It’s annoying, but as far as I know there are similar problems for everyone. I guess some high end trainers respond more quickly, but even those have a couple of seconds delay don’t they?

I assume these are technical limitations, else it’d surely be one of the first things to get fixed.

Today i was timing from the moment i start to pedal it was 24-26 seconds before speed on the screen catch up with true speed on my polar…
Maybe it could work if we have an option to also pair speed sensor at the same time with power sensor…

24 seconds is an eternity.

Just as a FWIW, I use a Concept 2 bike erg and an Apple TV4k and my delay is about 2 seconds. The 2 second delay took a bit to get used to but now I don’t even notice it.

Lucky you! :slight_smile: