Sterzo Smart spring broke after just 2000 miles

During today’s session the spring inside my Sterzo Smart broke. I heard it crack while zapping along and immediately noticed the missing resistance when steering right. After the workout I opened up the Sterzo Smart and it turns out, that the right part of the spring just broke off. Has this happened to anyone before? Does anyone know if only the spring can be replaced?

I contacted Elite but they haven’t gotten back to me yet. I hope this is not a systemic issue. We bought it right when it came out and my wife and I have been using it for only ~2000 miles.

Sounds like time for a warranty call to Elite.

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I have the same

A few months ago the same thing happened to me. I contacted Elite customer service and they sent me another Sterzo

Just happened ito me. 4 months old.
How did you get to the spring? I opened the bottom… No go. Looks like you remove the pivot arm (where the tire rests) to get to the spring? I see a little cover that looks like it comes off.

Never mind. I figured it out. Thanks. For those interested, remove all screws from the bottom. Remove plate. Remove the circuit board. There is one screw holding it in place. Use an socket wrench to remove the bolt that holds in the swivel part. From here the swivel part will separate from the base and you can see the springs.

I’ve been through two in 12 months. On both the spring has broken exactly in the original post. I wouldn’t buy another.

So, if the spring breaks, does the unit still work? If so, how does this affect the steering?
Thanks for your thoughts.

I can’t remember if it still works after the spring snaps as I removed it as soon as it broke.

To be fair to Elite, I raised a question to see if they had addressed the spring issue. That turned into a support case and they sent me a new unit.

The support guy said that they have amended the design and it does feel a bit looser. I’ve not opened it up to see how they’ve modified it.

I’d suggest raising it with them as I’d had my 2nd one far longer than I thought and they still replaced it. They asked for the serial number so they may be treating the older units as “known faulty” and replacing any that get reported. Worth a shot.