Steam Integration bump

Bumping an Archived Post for Steam Integration: steam-integration/8263, and steam-and-nvidia-amd-driver-integration/97108

steampowered: is in general a platform for distributing and downloading computer games and other software. The implementation of Zwift for Indoor Cycling fits neatly into that category. This would potentially broaden the userbase of Zwift, as well as providing easier use and access to steams and Zwifts existing user base. This could also be a similar market place for other items that Zwift sells.

Steam allows users to stream their software from a computer, to another device and interact with it in front of a larger screen, or television. Currently for users like me, there is no easy way to do this without a lot of manual technical, the results are also imperfect.

Seeing as Steam (Valve) is a simple software distribution platform, it seems trivial to me to release the software there to enable access to it.